Foot Arthritis

Foot Arthritis

There are over one hundred different types of arthritis, many causing foot pain. Rheumatoid, juvenile and reactive arthritis can all cause swelling and stiffness of the foot joints. But, there are actually over one hundred different types of arthritis.

Arthritis in any area of the foot can make standing, walking, exercising and even sitting more painful as these joints support the body weight throughout the day. A blood test performed by your physician can confirm the condition.


Arthritis is an inflammatory disease caused by an autoimmune deficiency resulting in the body attacking its own joint membranes. In the case of reactive arthritis, the condition often follows some type of gastrointestinal infection. While there is much we do know about this common condition, it is still not fully understood.


You may experience swollen ankles, midfoot pain, arch pain, clawed toes and decreased range of motion. Symptoms may be limited to certain areas of the body or widespread.


There are a number of non-surgical and surgical treatments available to treat foot arthritis:

• Your physician may prescribe steroids or an anti-inflammatory medication to reduce the joint swelling.

• Pain relievers, prescribed or over-the-counter, may provide temporary relief.

• Orthotics can relieve pain in the foot arch.

• Custom shoes may be recommended to redistribute body weight on the feet, thereby offering some pain relief.

Surgical procedures include:

Arthroscopic debridement – a procedure in which a small scope is inserted into the joint and a surgical instrument is used to remove spurs and inflamed tissue.

Joint fusion – the joining of bones in the big toe to address bunions caused by arthritis or to correct deformities in the smaller toes. If foot arthritis is causing you daily pain and/or preventing you from your daily activities, it’s time to see a specialist.